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We here at eSystems have spent thousands of hours analyzing different technologies, and we have decided through our research on 3 of the world’s best low-code tech.

Our focus is on application development services unique to you, and with these tools, we can build everything and anything you need. The following platforms are in our service portfolio, click to learn more about what they can do for you.

3 world’s best low-code superpowers



What is OutSystems?
OutSystems is a visual, full-package, model-driven development platform that integrates with the latest technologies to enable maximum innovation and scalability.
OutSystems has the most powerful digital factory on the market and offers robust options for custom code, and therefore is the best choice for customers with complex, broad applications and intricate internal processes, yet a limited number of users.




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OutSystems Platform Overview




OutSystems' digital factory technology is unmatched by other platforms, allowing teams to collaborate and share data with no fear of vendor lock. Additionally, these tools improve efficiency for clients seeking to develop a broader application portfolio.
The versatility of OutSystems' digital factory and reusable assets is one of the primary reasons that we opt for OutSystems over competing platforms.
Although OutSystems works well for complex applications, its flexible tools facilitate rapid development of applications at any scale. Users typically find it to be the most cost-efficient and scalable option, providing scaffolding to support application and company growth.
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We have experienced, that OutSystems:
  • Offers state-of-the-art tools to build complex business applications and automate complex business processes, logic, and integrations of multiple systems
  • Has an advanced digital factory with thorough visibility from the architecture dashboard and flexible tools to build reusable digital assets
  • Constantly develops cutting-edge AI, ML and IoT capabilities
  • Is highly affordable, especially when used for large application suites or projects with a limited number of end users and/or plans to scale
  • May become costly for clients who have very minimalist requirements and do not take advantage of OutSystems' full functionality, especially the digital factory


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What is Wavemaker?
WaveMaker is an enterprise grade, fully Java and open standards-based low-code platform designed for ease-of-use and scalability. WaveMaker was specifically designed for use by professional developers and designers, so its low-code features are strong, including both pre-built modules and the ability to incorporate custom Java modules.

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WaveMaker Platform Overview

WHY Wavemaker? 


WaveMaker’s primary benefit is its developer-based pricing model, which is especially good for customers seeking to launch only one or two apps.
For this subset of clients, WaveMaker is often cheaper than OutSystems, with no limits to the amount of end users.
For apps with a large number of users which require complex business processes, WaveMaker can be used in combination with OutSystems (I.e., for backend development) or Workato (for automation and integration).
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We have experienced, that WaveMaker has:
  • Advanced prefab modules and custom code capabilities, producing fully native Java code
  • Excellent scalability with no vendor lock, and the ability to install on almost any existing system
  • Constantly develops cutting-edge AI, ML and IoT capabilities
  • Offers great tools for building web/mobile app or database front-end interfacing when REST API libraries are well defined (If enterprise APIs are missing, these must be built with another platform, I.e., Workato or OutSystems)
  • Is a great option for customers with small application portfolios, a limited budget and/or lots of users (Easy to manage risks with licensing price if number of users grows in the future)
However, WaveMaker:
  • Requires creation of separate running environment for each application
  • Offers only an app development environment—the final product must be launched on a different service, such as Amazon, which can be costly
  • Lacks an automation layer
  • Is not optimized for citizen developers


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What is Workato?
Workato is a powerful integration and automation platform that seamlessly connects workflows across departments.
As your go-to dedicated integration manager, Workato can create much needed flow across your organization simply and quickly.



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Workato – Redefining the Enterprise Automation Experience


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While we agree that fluid automation is critical for complex workflows, we consider this to be its own unique challenge in many cases, best addressed with specialized software.
To that end, we typically recommend combining a low-code platform with Workato. The reason for this recommendation is simple, Workato’s low-code capabilities in automation enable unparalleled speed and long-term cost savings.
We've found that Workato integration allows us to achieve complex automation workflows.
With Workato, we can fix common process problems in just a few days, eliminating the need to create additional apps where functional ones already exist. Workato is the sole tool you will need if your goal is to automate business processes.
Workato is best used:
  • When your team wants to use familiar tools Workato works through Slack or Teams UI
  • When you want to improve your data quality the best people can achieve only 85% accuracy.
  • In combination with OutSystems or Wavemaker:
  • When you need to build a more demanding UI for mobile/web, we recommend combining Workato with Wavemaker if you have many users, or with OutSystems for a limited number of users. Workato works seamlessly with both technologies.
To learn more about Workato’ capabilities, visit:


We have experienced, that Workato:
  • Faulty workflows can be addressed with ease
  • Overreliance on multiple apps can be eliminated
  • Automation of even complex processes is simple and frees up critical time


workato-logoseSystems is a proud Workato partner and the winner of Workato awards.

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