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Want to give special attention what low-code means for your digital strategy? Digital transformation for any organisation is a significant undertaking that puts an end to "business as usual". How to reinvent your core legacy technology while simultaneously creating new digital business opportunities?

Executing a transformational digital change can hardly be incremental and success requires top management sponsorship, cultural change for digital thinking and willingness to invest in new competencies. As a hybrid partner we work with you to create your new critical digital business capabilities – such as technology, talent, digital business platform and analytics – powered by a strategic adoption of OutSystems.

Our area of expertise

Digital Factory

We work and coach you to build your low-code digital factory through the stages of foundation, center of excellence and full digital enterprise. Our experience running digital factories ensures that best practices are applied on all four dimensions: structure, talent, ecosystem and process (STEP).

The factory is set up according to your business domain and is aligned with your vision, development strategy and solution requirements.

Migration to S/4 HANA

We help you to accelerate migration to S/4 HANA by keeping your new SAP installation standard and taking out customisations and localisations to low-code.

Then you can migrate legacy SAP installation virtually risk free and low-code enables easy change and maintenance of the customisations.

You can break large migration projects into phases for faster completion, reduced risk and no impact on end-users.

Innovation Lab

We set up a low-code lab for you to prototype and test what digital ideas work. Build smart apps to introduce new products and services leveraging AI, VR, ML, IoT and so on. Ensure that promising projects are funded while others fail fast before consuming your valuable resources.

You benefit from real test-and-learn approaches rather than making decisions based on theoretical value-creation scenarios.

Case studies

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