For the biggest tourism company in the Nordics specializing in Lapland's nature and lifestyle


Poor user experience and lack of integration capabilities with old ERP system

Lapland Safaris has provided exciting and memorable nature experiences in Lapland since 1982. Over the past years, their ERP system became slow hence difficult to use. The old system had poor integration capabilities and frustrated users with lots of added manual work for their business management processes.

The growth of tourism in Lapland increased the pressure for Lapland Safaris to modernize their old ERP system. They chose eSystems’ superheroes to provide a fully digitalized ERP system, delivered at a low-cost and on a tight schedule.



eSystems was given the opportunity to digitally revolutionize the biggest tourism company in the Nordics specializing in Lapland's nature and lifestyle. We managed to create a fully digitalized ERP system with smart business processes and a fantastic user experience.

1000+ Active users
3ppl 2 developers and a tech lead
1,5-year Project duration

An end-to-end renewed customer experience

  • The primary goal eSystems and Lapland Safaris took on was to replace the old and slow ERP system with a new purpose-built system that would be fun, fast, and easy to use.

  • eSystems aspired to create a service which increases automatic interaction and calculation between entities by using new business process technology.

  • The new ERP solution would have the potential to change at the same speed as Lapland Safaris business. 


The new ERP solution would have the potential to change at the same speed as Lapland Safaris’ business.


Three connected applications

  • ERP systems with full capability to manage all orders, invoicing, stock inventory and integration with Salesforce

  • A POS system than provides resellers the opportunity to resell their products at any place

  • A Small ERP for suppliers to allow them to have direct connections and opportunity to reserve products at the same moment that clients buy them on the website 




The new ERP system enables Lapland Safaris to continuously grow and change with ease

  • Resources available in real-time

  • POS system to sell anywhere 

  • Ability to sell in various channels

  • Direct contact with suppliers 

  • Less manual work

  • Growth potential with effectiveness and productivity

  • Quality usability and performance 

Lapland Safaris guided eSystems from the driver’s seat and was able to streamline their business with a successful ERP system.

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