Digital transformation

For the Head of HR

Take command and drive employee engagement to reach new heights.

Do YOU aspire to:

  • Eliminate manual work from hire to retire?
  • Simplify complex HR processes with user experience? 
  • Better manage data security, GDPR regulations & access rights? 
  • Automate approvals & compliance? 
  • Achieve substantial cost savings - fast? 

Do you aspire to

eSystems is your new sidekick.




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eSystems enables you to automate your HR processes through vast integrations, simplified end-to-end business processes and improved interfaces- which allow you to create more employee engagement overall. 

To fuel your digital transformation, we employ various low-code technologies, namely Mendix and OutSystems. These technologies enable organizations seeking to rapidly deploy modern, agile enterprise apps. Used in conjunction with Workato for workflow integration, these technologies provide all the tools necessary to create kick-ass HR apps with amazing user experience that link everything together and bring increased engagement – which you command. 

The choice in technology is based on your needs, our knowledge of these various low-code technologies is here to support you.


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Low-code is the precedent for the future of application development.

What do low-code solutions mean for the head of HR?

With eSystems’ superheroeswe work together to streamline the continual processes from recruitment to onboarding, day-to-day management and retirement with low-code. 

Through these streamlined processes, your work will be simplified, substantial cost savings will be achieved, and employees will reap the benefits.

When you get in the driver’s seat with eSystems, you can switch your focus from fulfilling day-to-day demands to long-term development.

Watch this 2 min video to learn how all these automations and integrations work in action for HR using Workato:


Want to achieve a 360-degree view of your employees? A lack of visibility and control is often the result of incomplete personal digital folders, lack of information updating capabilities for employees, and the use of multiple systems. Account and access management does not follow a consistent structure, and the onboarding/offboarding process either add to the problem of missing data or hanging accounts. Do these problems sound familiar? Want to reduce your headache and improve the master data process and its accuracy for years to come? 

This 360-degree employee view is not as difficult to achieve as you may think. 

eSystems MDM



  • Use your preferred interface/application to manage data and automatically distribute this data to different places, helping you keep data consistent and saving you time 
  • See all employee actions and information in this preferred interface without the hassle of multiple systems 
  • Unify your MDM and go through data entry only once  
  • Increase employee engagement, loyalty, and teamwork- and in turn, achieve higher profits with more motivated and happy employees 
  • Achieve the critical full 360-degree view of your employees: their actions, skillsets, communication, and professional improvement/development 
  • Drive down siloed organizations and increase internal collaboration, helping to shift the focus on corporate goals and HR goals- we get YOU the results 

Read more about our master data management philosophy and process here.

The best example? Us!

eSystems developed the Superhero app to increase engagement within our company – with low-code, of course! 

Our employees are connected and happy – and that’s what counts.

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What do you want to do, manage people or wrestle with technology? 

Find out how eSystems can make both you and your employees happy with the powers of low-code. Sign up for a demo today.