While other professionals manage to only digitally transform companies, eSystems does it for an entire country.


Digitalizing the whole country

eSystems Nordic was chosen by the government of the Faroe Islands to develop Citizens Portal under the National Digitalization Program – a digitalization project covering the entire country. The ultimate challenge was to connect 52 000 citizens to 37 state services under one Citizen Portal. 

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"This is a truly revolutionary project for the Faroe Islands because it will modernize our way of doing business and the way we are in contact with the authorities. It will make things easier, more efficient and more convenient, both for citizens and businesses and authorities in general."

―  Nicolai Balle, Director of The National Digitalisation Programme


52000 Users - Each citizen of the Faroe Islands
37 Weeks - Citizen Portal project development phase
5 Developers - 3 eSystems experts & 2 local

Digitalize and improve the quality of life for the Faroese

The economy of the Faroe Islands has been mainly dependent on the fishing industry and their level of digitalization has lagged behind other nations, causing many Faroese to leave the islands to pursue careers elsewhere. The main goal of the project was to make the Faroe Islands an advanced, competitive, and attractive place to live, work and do business through a successful Citizen Portal with seamless processes and a fantastic user experience.

This Citizen Portal would be crucial in digitalizing and improving the quality of life for the citizens of the Faroe Islands, and especially in making services accessible for the elderly and people with disabilities. The aim of the cooperation was to create an infrastructure to develop a unified presence of e-services within the Faroe Islands. Through the Citizen Portal, people could access services and get insights into their data fully online. eSystems Nordic’s superheroes were prepared to take on these goals through creating a sophisticated Citizen Portal for desktop and mobile. A challenging task, but surely not impossible with low-code!


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Ultimate access to all government services through one portal

  • The new Citizen Portal is a truly revolutionary project for the Faroese, with modern, simple, and convenient communication and access to everyday services.
  • eSystems used low-code digital factory to enable multiple vendors to simultaneously build application elements in a secure and fast way.
  • We implemented a unified low-code solution for both desktop and mobile which allows secure and direct communications with all government entities - with a single log-on for each citizen.


  • The new Citizen Portal is a truly revolutionary project for the Faroese, with modern, simple, and convenient communication and access to everyday services.
  • eSystems used a low-code digital factory to enable multiple vendors to simultaneously build application elements in a secure and fast way.
  • We implemented a unified low-code solution for both desktop and mobile which allows secure and direct communications with all government entities - with a single log-on for each citizen.

OutSystems low-code was the vehicle, our eSystems superheroes were the fuel, but the Faroe Islands were the driver.


A full digital transformation of the country

  • eSystems Nordic successfully developed the Citizen Portal for the Faroe Islands, which allows for communication and provides data between public agencies, municipal agencies, private entities and citizens effortlessly. The portal also has numerous self-services and other functions.
  • With eSystems' superheroes guiding and working alongside the program, the Faroe Islands were able to guide the building of the infrastructure from the driver's seat, with no vendor-lock in.
  • Customer business value was created. eSystems Nordic used the OutSystems low-code platform to enable the digital transformation of the Faroe Islands. By fueling the nation’s superpowers, unlocking vendors and harnessing our strengths, we successfully connected 52000 citizens with 37 state services under one Citizen Portal.

Nicolai Mohr Balle, The National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands were in the driver’s seat of their own digital transformation and we gave them the tools and capabilities to realize their vision.

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