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For the Head of Master Data Management

Implement new processes that ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Do YOU aspire to:

  • Have visibility of the healthiness of your data? 
  • Achieve 2-way data synchronization for multiple systems?
  • Better manage data ownership, governance, and the entire data lifecycle? 
  • Create modern and easy to use master data solutions with processes ensuring data accuracy & completeness?
  • Simplify your methods of analytics?
  • All this in a cost-effective way?

Do you aspire to

eSystems is your new sidekick.



Understand and manage your master data on a new level. With eSystems, we will work together to create and unify a master data system fit exactly for your needs.

We will review SaaS/legacy solutions to locate problems, create visibility with different data sources, and automate data ownership and governance.

eSystems devops

Low-code is the precedent for the future of application development.

Top-notch tech. Nothing less.

To fuel your digital transformation, we employ various low-code technologies, namely Mendix and OutSystems. These technologies enable organizations seeking to rapidly deploy modern, agile enterprise apps. Used in conjunction with Workato for workflow integration, these technologies provide all the tools necessary to develop flexible and powerful enterprise apps. The choice in technology is based on your needs, our knowledge of these various low-code technologies is here to support you.

Low-code is a strongly typed language – you have immense visibility of your transformation from initial development to updates far in the future. These platforms are also incredibly flexible; the solutions can grow with your business for years to come.




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Invest 2 min to watch this video case and discover how it is possible to utilize Workato in improving data accessibility within Snowflake:


Missing fields, duplicates, and messy data. Sound familiar? Together, we will transform your data from a frustration to an asset. Master data such as customers, employees, cost centers, suppliers, and products are often used by many applications across the systems landscape.  

Due to the growing complexity of these records, they are often sourced from multiple applications which are responsible for distinct categories of data or different data elements that make up the larger record.  

Through improving your data integrity, implementing 2-way data synchronization across multiple systems, and simplifying complexities within your records and processes, we can achieve consolidated and standardized visibility. This is the critical for any business to rapidly adapt and implement new business solutions. Without a centralized and standardized approach, we run into data quality issues, inconsistencies, and slow delivery. 

With eSystems, achieve this visibility with easier data integrity, despite having various systems and different formats. Meanwhile, improve the value of your analytics – fast. 

Management of your master data is simple in theory, yet the discipline required to execute it is difficult to achieve. Are you missing this discipline? Automation with low-code will create it for you.

We will ensure the discipline for master data management, and drastically reduce manual work. If you change data in one place, it gets replicated and changed in others as well; forget duplications, missing data, and inconsistencies. Master data healthiness is the key to any business process automation. Additionally, clarity is created in regard to data ownership and the processes we create reduce the need for data ownership in the first place. Automation heavily supports the responsibility for maintaining data integrity.

Learn more about our master data management philosophy and process here.

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When you get in the driver’s seat with eSystems, you can switch your focus from fulfilling day-to-day demands to long-term development.

We have done it for others, we can do it for you.



A fully digitalized ERP system

Lapland Safaris needed a new ERP system to unify their services and simplify logistics. eSystems stepped in and built a fully digitalized ERP system so that Lapland Safaris could seamlessly look after their services, make reservations, monitor pricing and logistics, and more.
The new system allowed Lapland Safaris to outsource their internal work through the business process to their suppliers, manage the workforce, and optimize resources painlessly. Read more about how eSystems created the modern system and how it helped streamline Lapland Safaris’ business processes for years to come.
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Transforming Planet Payment to the fastest digital Tax-free system in the world

eSystems worked with Planet Payment in automating their entire end-to-end purchase to pay processThe system sped up the migration process for onboarding new stores and simplified the monitoring of data quality coming through the system. 

Transparency for the data and processes was enabled through OutSystems, which made Planet‘s plans for a transition to 32 countries more feasible. Read more about how low-code enabled this automation and how we helped kickstart Planet to become the fastest digital tax-free system in the world. 

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