Master Data Management

Free your data and profits will follow.
Clean, consolidate, enrich, and standardize your data

That defines the eSystems approach.

What are the problems which we tackle?

  • 85% accuracy
  • Impossible data synchronization across multiple systems
  • Who owns the data?
  • Who has access and authorization to edit data?
  • Who accepts changes?

Master data such as customers, employees, cost centers, suppliers, and products enable companies to run efficiently and the data is found throughout information systems. Oftentimes, this data is used by many applications across the systems landscape. Due to the growing complexity of these records, they are often sourced from multiple applications which are responsible for different categories of data or different data elements that make up the larger record.

Getting a consolidated and standardized view into these records is critical in order for an organization to rapidly adapt and implement new business solutions. Without a centralized and standardized approach, we run into data quality issues, inconsistencies, and slow delivery.

Invest 2 minutes to watch this video case and discover how it is possible to utilize Workato in improving data accessibility within Snowflake.

eSystems MDM
With our 5 step process, we will revolutionize your MDM with incredible speed:
1.   Identify data sources
2.   Curate data
3.   Apply workflow
4.   Drive harmonization & 2-way synchronization
5.   Enable reporting
You will reap the benefits. The eSystems MDM Solution consists of:
  • Harmonization Orchestrator
    Executes data harmonization across the enterprise and two-way synchronization across multiple systems
  • Management Console
    Grants access to manage master data directly by business or technical teams
  • MD API services
    Allow master data to be accessed, created, or edited from external applications
  • MD catalogue
    Describes all meta information related to master data domain
  • MD repository
    Database model and data being managed

Team working on research

Why Master Data Management (MDM)?
Unlock the data in your enterprise:
  • 360° View of Customers, Employees, Suppliers
  • Increased Customer, Employee engagement
  • New services and business models
  • Ensure process harmonization and operational efficiency
  • Legacy migration, reuse, or retire
What data should be managed?
  • Data which:
    • has high business value
    • is complex
    • is key to relationships and Integrations
    • is crucial to the lifecycle
    • is used everywhere
    • is often changed




  • Want to free and clean your data?
  • Drive process and data harmonization?
  • Enable simplified reporting and robust analytics?
Create ease with a strong foundation
With eSystems, the process of designing and building your MDM foundation is simplified. With a clearly defined process fit to your needs, we will define and configure your:
  • Architecture
  • Data consolidation process
  • Data API services and process
  • Data harmonization rules and processes
As well as the definition and implementation of:
  • Cleaning and data enrichment rules and processes

eSystems MDM Strategy


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Strengthen your foundation. Enable your teams with data.
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  • Aspiring to create operational efficiency?
  • Tired of maintaining your workflows?
  • Worried about workflow failure?
With eSystems as your sidekick, we will execute the following:
  • Apply Workflow
    • The operations part of the workflow monitors how data pipelines and data jobs run and, if they fail, notifies appropriate parties, leveraging the cross-team collaboration workflow.
  • Drive Continuous Master Data Harmonization
    • We start the process of enabling departments to perform analytics on the curated corporate data assets.
  • Enable Reporting
    • We enable decision making in relation to specific requirements and regulations.
    • Impact analysis helps to identify data outliers and minimize data quality problems in the downstream data pipeline processes.

eSystems MDM Consultation


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Prioritize your workflows in continuous operation. 


  • Aspiring to set up both your MDM foundation and operations?
  • Wanting to strengthen and augment MDM capabilities? 
  • Looking to outsource your MDM, from design to build to run stages?
With the MDM as a service package:
  • Fully outsourced MDM
  • Both MDM Foundation and Operations included
  • eSystems or OnPrem Infrastructure
  • Setup and Operation Fee

eSystems MDM Experts working on packages


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Switch your focus from fulfilling day-to-day demands to long-term development.


  • Aspiring to define your MDM needs?
  • Interested in increasing efficiency and security?
  • Looking for a roadmap to see the potential of your MDM?
Our MDM consulting services include:
  • Analyzing and Prioritizing Master Data Entities
  • Business Case Development
  • Build vs. Buy
  • Architecture Definition
  • Data Consolidation Definition
  • Data Enrichment rules and process Definition
  • Cleaning rules and process Definition
  • Data Harmonization rules and process Definition
  • Data API services and process Definition

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Discover the difference that can be made for your MDM with a partner that can define and implement.