Low-Code Project Delivery

Get ahead with eSystems’ low-code superpowers

eSystems has delivered hundreds of low-code applications on both fixed and time & materials (T&M) bases. To support you on your journey, we have teams who have been helping customers with their low-code adoption for over 16 years.

We offer everything you need to ensure you maximize your low-code investment:
  • Dedicated success managers working with you on your adoption plans
  • Teams of low-code experts to enable your development teams
  • Offerings designed to prepare your organization for change
  • A dedicated support team available 24/7
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Your success is our mission.


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  • Want to experience a successful adoption journey without pain?
  • Fix broken business processes and remove vendor-locks?
  • Partner with the best low-code house in the Nordics?
To fuel your digital transformation, we employ various low-code technologies, namely Mendix and OutSystems. These technologies enable organizations seeking to rapidly deploy modern, agile enterprise apps. Used in conjunction with Workato for workflow integration, these technologies provide all the tools necessary to develop flexible and powerful enterprise apps. The choice in technology is based on your needs, our knowledge of these various low-code technologies is here to support you.

We keep you on track from:

  • Your first pilot app
  • Proof of your first big app
  • Scaling up with multiple apps or with a strategic app
  • Optimizing your factory for a full digital roll-out





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Expert services focus to enhance your organizational elevation connected to development, architecture, operations, maintenance, governance, customer experience, and innovation.
Build for enterprise scale. Be fast, safe, and secure without hitting a wall.

IT Architecture
We consult for low-code architecture to enable massively scalable, performance optimized, reusable, secure and easy to maintain applications.
By using well-thought-out components and a software factory line, you can achieve time-to-value 3-4 times faster than before. Integrate easily with everything – legacy systems, existing products, or existing cloud vendors. Fast delivery aligned with enterprise architecture governance provide a solid roadmap for your new and migrated solutions.
You can build an architecture with the ability to scale for the future as your digital factory grows and strengthens.
eSystems DevOpsDev Ops
We help in implementing a cultural shift in DevOps that can help you accelerate release cycles, reduce lead times, and extend the lifetime of your applications. A continuous delivery pipeline enables a smooth transition from development to production with a simple push of a button.
We work with you to enable CI/CD integration with low-code. In a world where speed is of the essence, DevOps can save you crucial time.
All this is possible for the existing enterprise environment – Microsoft DevOps or Jenkins.
eSystems securitySecurity
We advise how to avoid accelerating speed at the expense of security. In low-code, security means predefined components for authentication and authorization, prevention of OWASP security breaches, and certified data center security for PaaS offerings.
Integrated dependency management for secured plugins are part of the platform offering. Networking is an essential part of the modern services with isolated networks for each service.
The true challenge organizations face is the data authorization API within extranet services - this will be revolutionized with the solutions we enable you to deploy.
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Kickstart change in your company to achieve lasting business value. Low-code is the destination of the future.
Book 15 minutes to start your journey today!
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  • Want to easily create all the applications you need?
  • Create customized customer experiences, specific to your needs?
  • Leverage low-code's fast application development?
eSystems devops
We build applications to accelerate your customer and partner engagement transformation. Our aim is to cooperate in growing your business and improving customer satisfaction with personalized, multi-channel experiences.
Typical solutions include, but are in no way limited to:
  • Customer self-service solutions
  • Supplier and agent portals
  • B2C mobile apps
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Field services apps
Bring your ideas to market faster & reinvent your customer experiences.
eSystems digital operations
We build applications to improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity by automating workflows relying on manual effort, spreadsheets, email, and other time-consuming processes.
Typical solutions include, but are in no way limited to:
  • B2E mobile apps
  • Employee portals
  • Business automation solutions
  • Workflow and collaboration apps
  • CRM and analytics
  • Operational dashboards
eSystems digital coreDIGITAL CORE
We build applications to keep you ahead of your business demands. The applications we build address the combination of aging legacy systems and highly customized software packages- or unavailability of commercial-of-the-shelf solutions which match how you would want to run your business.
Typical solutions include, but are in no way limited to:
  • Complete software suites (usually with ERP or a digital business platform as a backbone extended with various digital services and applications)
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Are your applications slowing you down, or inexistant? Create them fast and exactly how you need with eSystems.
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  • Want to master the magic of low-code?
  • Driven by immersive classroom settings with other motivated professionals?
  • Looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge?
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Expand your knowledge. Join a growing community.
Welcome to Low-Code University.
Our certified trainers are delivering low-code bootcamps in the Nordics. Enjoy a highly interactive hands-on classroom experience in a small group of fellow professionals.
During the week, you will dive deep into developing applications. At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge and become a certified professional by taking the OutSystems platform's certification exam. The bootcamps are delivered on the latest version of the platform. These fully immersive classroom courses are the best way to learn low-code.
Kickstart your journey with low-code by joining:

eSystems MDM Experts working on packages
Web App Boot Camps
  • Learn how to develop web and responsive applications and server-side integrations.
  • Learn how to integrate your app with web services and other systems.
  • The 5-day Boot Camp covers application architecture, data modelling, and creating amazing user interfaces using RichWidgets and the Silk UI framework.
eSystems UXUI
Mobile App Boot Camps
  • Learn how to develop mobile apps, along with responsive web apps.
  • The 5-day Boot Camp focuses on mobile development, "thinking mobility," creating amazing user interfaces, using Silk patterns, implementing offline capabilities with advanced interaction patterns, and how to use plugins that can access device sensors and native capabilities.
  • The 3-day Boot Camp is expressly for those who are experienced web developers on previous platform versions and now focus on mobile development.
Advanced apps development eSystems Finland
Advanced Boot Camps
  • Build on your skills to become a true superstar.
  • OutSystems has distilled the knowledge and experience of the top-notch consultants into this amazing 5-day hands-on course.
  • You will go beyond developing to outright mastery.
  • You will learn how to use the platform to its full advantage, building high-quality and scalable enterprise web apps.

Kick Starts
  • Get a thorough overview of OutSystems in just 1 day. See how you can use it to plan, develop, change, deploy and manage enterprise-grade applications.
  • You will get a first-hand look at web application development and see how you can avoid or add code as you go. The course includes several demos, exercises, and plenty of Q&A time.
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Low-code is the application development technology of the future. Let eSystems show you the ropes and get ahead.
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  • Encouraged by the flexibility and speed of low-code?
  • Want to begin delivering applications- fast?
  • Interested in different modes of delivery: by eSystems, by augmenting the skills of your team, or a hybrid model?


Delivery Teams
Our Workato, Mendix and OutSystems certified professionals provide you with agile project delivery through low-code and state-of-the-art integrations through the Workato platform. The team composition is based on the size and complexity of the project or program. Experts, such as architects and UX/UI designers, are available on-demand.
Hybrid teams combining our superpowers with yours are also a potential path for delivery.
Shadow Teams
Our development team supports your team every step of the way in becoming self-sustaining OutSystems developers and Workato integrators.
We enable and coach customer teams to deliver agile projects. Experts, such as architects and UX/UI designers, are available on-demand.

Team member comunicating with a customer


  • All teams offer a low-code tech lead, who is a low-code “jedi” supporting the technical team and ensuring speed and productivity. The tech lead creates the transformation by guiding the teams and developing low-code and integration superpowers within your own team of professionals. Ultimately, the tech lead ensures constant added business value for your organization.
  • Low-code engagement managers are also crucial members of each team. The engagement manager supports the low-code agile delivery model and coaches your organizational leadership in how to bring the utmost value to your business through low-code. Their main goal is to guide your journey and prepare your organization for the transformation. Low-code requires a slightly modified Scrum/SAFe Agile business model, and the engagement manager creates the superpowers in your organizational leadership required to make your teams fast and to foster superheroes within your organization.
  • Harness ultimate speed
  • Achieve significant cost savings
  • Experience a transformation your professionals
  • Create independence with your delivery team
  • Remove vendor lock



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Begin delivering applications and developing your teams’ skills to benefit your future with low-code: the tech of the future.
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  • Want to feel secure with your applications?
  • Interested in simplifying and speeding up bug fixes and maintenance?
  • Have a desire to continuously improve & make sure to not fall behind?

eSystems’ AMS is an ongoing service that provides maintenance and support for a low-code software solution developed by eSystems Nordic. We are not including new development into the scope of AMS. 


eSystems’ Application and Maintenance Support Services include incident and problem management but can be also utilized for continuous improvements for the rest of the time included – this way you put your hours to good use!
AMS offers:
  • Regular software maintenance
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • 9x5 service desk support
  • Data integrity management for SaaS products
  • Bug fixes with agreed SLA response time
  • Continuous improvements
  • Applications support for SaaS products & on-premise deployments
  • New development is not included into the scope of AMS


These benefits are yours to relish:

Run support teams


Streamline IT
No matter the size of your IT team, we reduce their workload by supporting our own solutions – this means we are always available to make code updates or simply provide information to your team.
Save time
We provide second- and third-line support, meaning that time-consuming issues are passed directly to us. This opens up time for your team to focus on your wider IT needs.
Data security
Full-service data management
If you opt for a hosted solution, we will take care of your data. From compliant data management to data quality maintenance, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe.
Reliable service
We log issues within 4 hours during business days and keep you updated on the progress of your issue. We will work with your IT team to get solutions deployed quickly and with minimal disruption.
Small initial investment
We offer flexible payment packages so you can pay a fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to suit your business. We have four levels of packages available, differing in the number of applications, integrations, support hours, response time, and other features included. Inquire for specifications.
Our Application Maintenance & Support Services are an integral part of your IT Service Management and our processes are fully aligned with respective ITIL best practices. All activities in the scope of our AMS Services should be considered extensions to your:
  • Service Desk
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Continuous Service Improvements
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Take the load off your shoulders, eSystems’ superheroes are here to support you.