Transforming Planet

to the fastest digital Tax Free service in the world

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Building the first low-code SaaS

Planet is a revenue generating payments service provider serving over 600,000 Merchants and 100 Financial Partners in more than 70 markets on five continents. A few years ago, Planet won a big bid concerning the entire electronic Tax Free system of the United Arab Emirates. When researching alternatives, Planet discovered that there was no ready-made solution for this. This realization prompted Planet to give eSystems the opportunity to help unleash their superpowers by building a comprehensive Tax Free system on a low-code platform.

2,5+B€ Billions of Tax Free sales processed in the first year
12 500 Stores use the solution in the United Arab Emirates
100+M€ Millions of Tax Free refunds processed in the first year
4 mths Project duration
17ppl Team size

A scalable solution, automation & integration at a high speed

The primary goal was to build a purposeful web-based solution which enables integration between information, people, devices, and systems. The solution aimed to provide tourists with a seamless Tax Free shopping experience through connecting merchants, tax authorities, and banks. It was important that this solution would run on all modern browsers and mobile devices and have a fantastic customer experience. The intention was to create both a full-stack architecture to support lifecycle management of the application portfolio and technology that is scalable and secure.




Low-code accelerated the development speed

The digital solutions included:
  • Front-end systems for merchants and self-service kiosks for shoppers
  • Back-end systems integrating various web services
  • A process for issuing, export validation, and refunds
  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated electronic billing
Technical solutions were constructed on the OutSystems low-code development platform with neither runtime interpreters nor proprietary data-models
Low-code solutions support the full life cycle: creation, deployment, monitoring, and management

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A full digital transformation in just 4 months

  • The end result was the world's first fully digital end-to-end tax refund solution with point-of-sale eligibility verification.
  • Planet's solution is now operating in 12 500 stores in the United Arab Emirates. During its first year in operation, the seamless business solution has served over 1,3 million shoppers and handled Tax Free sales of more than 2,5 billion Euros.

  • Simultaneously, the United Arab Emirates has become Planet's 2nd largest market in terms of volume. The results of Planet’s solution are excellent, and all it took was eSystem’s superheroes and 4 months.

eSystems created a brand-new solution for a brand-new problem while Planet guided from the driver’s seat. Imagine what we could help YOU achieve.