Empowering eSystems

Through establishing our own league of superheroes by building an internal app for HR, Team Pulse, CSAT features & more!


Building an app to raise up our superheroes

At eSystems, we are so lucky to have such talented and helpful people across our team. We wanted to find a meaningful way to recognize, support and communally appreciate the efforts of our superheroes while building connections between our team members- despite being split between three offices in three different countries. As a result, eSystems’ superheroes decided to take on the internal project by building an immersive Superheroes app to be used by all the company’s employees – with low-code of course!



The project was lead by Anastasia Roivainen, the Head of HR at eSystems, bringing her vision of a connected and supportive work community to life!





50+ Employees connected through the application
3 Offices & remote work
12 Superheroes voted each year by everyone

Support, encourage and build transparency for employees

 eSystems wanted to ensure that our employees’ amazing efforts do not stay unnoticed and are appreciated by everyone in our superhero league. With the creation of the Superheroes app, we aimed to build transparency for everyone regarding current projectssuccesses and other great efforts of our team. The entire company should know their heroes! We wished to not only recognize those who go above and beyond, but also motivate others to do the same. However, the idea of the app would not be to stress competition but rather emphasize the great work of the whole team. Through giving recognition to supportive people on our team, our goal was to also encourage others to not be shy when asking for help. We hoped to highlight our value of supporting our superheroes and to increase employee confidence overall by building stronger connections within our team through the app. 

We wished to not only recognize those who go above and beyond, but also motivate others to do the same.


The ultimate app for bringing our team together- virtually

By harnessing the varied talents of our team and leveraging the powers of low-code, we succeeded in creating our Superheroes app- an internal channel for constant, anonymous open communication in a fun and immersive way.

Along with its incredible user experience, the app features:

  • Company news 
  • Monthly superhero voting - everyone gets a voice in choosing their superhero anonymously! 
  • Monthly team pulse surveys - with transparent results sharing and progress reporting 
  • Prize descriptions and the ability to suggest others! 
  • Notifications & reminders about company-wide items 
  • And various CSAT & internal feedback surveys and requests are in progress!

A low-code HR success resonating with our company values

The low-code architecture allowed simple development of a multi-faceted application which has since become a valuable asset to our company. The Superheroes app serves as a frictionless tool to build employee connections, engagement, transparency, and above all, emphasizing our company values through the channel. The Superheroes app manifests our valueof: 

  • Truly caring about our team and how we do things 
  • Opting to be the best as individuals and as a team
  • Increasing the feeling of belonging in our superhero league 

Overall, the Superheroes app allows us to concentrate on the positive and be grateful about the good things we have as a company. 

eSystems drastically improved our entire employee culture and experience through a low-code built app. 

What could low-code solution enable YOU to do?