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Unlock Business Potential Faster — Low-Code Case Study Reviews

Every minute you spend waiting for a business process to align with your business needs loses you money. To run your business successfully, you need to find flexible yet high-quality solutions. This is where low-code comes in.

Low-code is highly flexible while also speeding up the development process- from 3x up to 5x productivity. Low-code also allows you to create complex applications with superhero-like speed.

Some of the leading technologies in this space include OutSystems, Workato, and WaveMaker. Below we have included some low-code case studies that demonstrate how powerful this technology can be for your business.

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Wrestle Your Way to A Quick Deadline — The WWE case study

With over 800 employees, this Los Angeles-based integrated media organization serves over 900 million homes in 28 languages worldwide. They offer family-friendly entertainment via their various publishing platforms, digital media, pay-per-view, and television programming.

The Challenge

Replacing their Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Shopify, WWE had an urgent deadline that needed to be met. With only about ten weeks to the live launch, they needed a fast solution that allowed them enough time to test integration. 

This new switch also meant that they could not afford any downtime. This notwithstanding, WWE had over 125 systems that were all custom-code connected. This did not help with the pressure to meet this very short migration deadline.

The Senior Director of Business Solutions at WWE, Chetanprakash Heda, knew that the only way to beat this deadline was by employing automation. Automation would help reduce time spent on custom code maintenance. It would also help with custom integrations and developing a user-friendly platform. The result led to their discovery of Workato.

The Results

Being a very intuitive and user-friendly automation platform, Chetanprakash did not need to do a lot of convincing to his team to use Workato. Four weeks into using it, Chetanprakash started receiving requests to adopt Workato to specific business use cases. Eight weeks in, WWE had tripled its Workato recipe count.

Best of all, WWE met its thin migration deadline with a host of other on-the-side projects getting delivered within the same timeline.

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7 Weeks To More Money — The Conversions Case Study of a FinTech, ThinkMoney

ThinkMoney wanted to get its app in the hands of its customers fast. Unfortunately, with a traditional coding approach, this would not happen any time soon, at least not within six months.

To mitigate this, ThinkMoney went for low-code technology. It was bare that they needed a fast, cost-effective way to power their customer-centric digital transformation program.

With low-code, ThinkMoney developed the app in-house, working fast. They were also able to add other crucial features that included biometric security. They achieved this in a record-breaking 14 weeks.

Overall, this UK banking provider built a seamless digital onboarding experience in seven weeks while growing their customer conversions by 30 percent.

The impact of this new app on the ThinkMoney business was that it was able to position itself to win new business, take operations to the next level, and keep up with customer demands. The new app had more than double the features of its predecessor, coupled with a clean, intuitive, and simple feel.

Medical Wizard Low Code Spell — A Medical Wizard Case Study

With the current rise in the average life expectancy of the population and the resulting higher demand for better healthcare support, health care providers are at a loss on how to treat all these patients within the limited resources they have.

Medical Wizard, a software company that is a major player in the Australian healthcare industry, had to imagine and implement a digital transformation solution that incorporates feedback in all end-user apps.

Using WaveMaker, Medical Wizard was able to build a solution that helped manage record-keeping and patient data. This solution was also accessible both on mobile and the web, could use unique PINs to custom-authenticate healthcare professionals, and even allowed a quick glimpse of records history.

They could capture patient information accurately, allow consenting by patients via a signature pad, and even allow for quick access to support for fast issues resolution.

Do these cases sound familiar, or do these technologies seem like they may fit your needs? eSystems can help you navigate this space. 

A low code platform allows you to change how you approach application development, especially if you want to eliminate vendor locks and silos. Low-code agile development helps fix broken business processes, create great user experiences, and design re-usable digital assets.

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Low-Code Deployment Scenario

You can use OutSystems to create a complex, broad, and visually appealing application that is innovative and integrates with the latest technologies, offering robust options for custom code.

You can then layer this up or create separately with WaveMaker — a low-code platform that is easy to use and is extremely scalable. With Wavemaker, you can use its pre-built modules for a powerful app using its custom Java modules.

Finally, you can employ the power of Workato to create powerful integrations and automation that connect workflows across your business's departments. 

If you are looking for help navigating the low-code space to launch your dream app, contact eSystems today.

The eSystems Advantage

At eSystems, you can get all the help you need working with these cutting-edge technologies. Whether you are looking for organizational change, a cultural shift, or you need to upgrade your business applications to enjoy the low-code benefits, we can help.

We are indisputably the best low-code house in the Nordics. We enable you to create complex applications with OutSystems, WaveMaker, or potentially with Workato's automation capabilities on their side.

Looking for help navigating the low-code space to launch your dream app? Learn more about the technologies we use here and contact us today!

eSystems is the glue between your business and low-code technologies, enabling you to reach your digital transformation goals step by step.

Our goal is to enable you to make use of low-code through the technology or technologies that fit your needs the best. Talk to us today.

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