Building the new digital core system

For the biggest private company offering diagnostic services in Finland


Building one system for all diagnostic services

The healthcare processes in Finland used to be complex with many broken business processes, with overpriced imaging and laboratory services. With an initial focus on diagnostics, Cityterveys needed a new information system bringing together all diagnostic services – medical imaging, laboratory and screening – into one unified system.

Such a system did not exist, so eSystems Nordic developed it.




In order to create a successful business from scratch, we needed to develop a totally new system instead of building on legacy systems. eSystems was a perfect partner in providing the technical solution!

Teemu Känkänen, Development Director, SYNLAB Finland

3-5X Faster development
3X Lower costs
90% Reduced cost for patients
20+ M€ Sales growth in three years
12mths From idea to implementation
500000+ Users of the system

A scalable system that supports medical examination processes seamlessly

The main goals of the digitalization project were to build a system specialized in diagnostic services and to create an automated process for streamlining effort and costs. The system had to support medical examination processes seamlessly, automate most manual work and unify the numerous systems. Furthermore, the aim was to cut costs up to 90% for medical imaging services. As a result of achieving these goals, Cityterveys’ vision for the future was to become the biggest private company offering diagnostic services in Finland. 

Cityterveys needed a new information system bringing together all diagnostic services – medical imaging, laboratory and screening – into one unified system.


An integrated solution connecting both Finnish public and private sector healthcare systems

  • With Cityterveys in the driver’s seateSystems helped create an entirely new core digital system encompassing all diagnostic services.
  • The new system was made step-by-step starting from the radiologist’s statement processes to the inclusion of financial transactions. The system includes every stage from booking to billing melded into one streamlined business process.
  • Furthermore, eSystems built the system to be able to communicate with the healthcare systems of both the Finnish public and private sectors. This was executed by building an integration platform for the HL7-messaging standard, which is commonly used in the Finnish healthcare system. 




After the system was launched, the company grew to become Finland’s largest medical imaging provider

  • In only two years' time, Cityterveys grew to become Finland’s largest medical imaging company. In three years’ time, their sales grew from zero to 20 000 000€. Since its launch, the system has been used by 500 000+ users (150 employees, 2 500 physicians and 500 000 patients). This growth was enabled by the information system created by eSystems.
  • Additionally, Cityterveys managed to achieve remarkable cost savings due to the system. With old systems, the costs would have been at least three-fold.
  • The modern platform is not only currently successful, but also enables dynamic development of new functions for the future. The development process is three to five times faster than with old systems.
  • With the superpowers of eSystems fueling Cityterveys in the driver’s seat, operational reliability was improved. Information became available simultaneously for everyone working within an individual patient case and many manual processes became seamlessly automated- all with a fantastic customer experience.
  • Cityterveys was acquired in 2017 by SYNLAB Group

Cityterveys occupied the driver’s seat in their own digital transformation which led to their immense growth.

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